Higher Education Curriculum Proposal

Teaching have always been one of my passions, backed by an intense desire to pass what I know to others who might take it as a step to go higher, lets go.

During my teenagerhood, I discovered my passion about teaching others, so I volunteered in youth camps to teach younger kids various subjects.

fast-forward to our current day where I have lectured for interior design students in the reputable university of Sharjah.




I came up with a proposed curriculum of an interior contracting course, where I teach the ABCs of this business, to bridge the gap between academic and actual societies.

the curriculum consists of 3 levels which are the same 3 following sections you find in this website, for professionals as well as interested clients:

LEVEL ONE- Beginner: What & Where decor material.

LEVEL TWO-Intermediate: Interiors categories.

LEVEL THREE- PRO: Managing fitout business

you can have a look on these 3 curriculums in below links.     







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