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As a car enthusiast, I came up with a list of my most attractive car models in production, and it is over 230 models out of more than 1300 models available in the middle east and North Africa regions.

This was my first car drawing when I was just about 5 YO, and since then I am in a long love relationship with these beautiful machines, not because of their power, noise, speed, or even price, but because I saw them as moving statues of art and creativity mixed in a yummy smoothy!

I have a list of the most attractive car models currently in production, because certainly not every car is beautiful to me, which is absolutely normal, as what is nice to me might look ugly to you.

I constantly update that list because the automotive world is very dynamic and there is something new always.

in addition, I have few subordinate lists detailing why I like each model, and how many models of each car maker and so on, and you can have a look on all in the links below.














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